Streets for People

By Sam Roberts

The aim of the Brent ‘Streets for People’ scheme is to improve the local environment of the BEST (Brent Eleven Streets) area and to make it a better place to live through creating more open space, more green areas for pedestrians and reducing the volume of traffic through the area. In September 2007 Brent Council appointed a partnership of firms specialising in transport research and urban design, Transport & Travel Research Ltd and Colin Davis Associates, to assist in working towards achieving these aims. These firms will carry out a number of activities within the BEST area from November 2007 to early 2008, including a travel survey, resident’s meetings and working groups. The Streets for People project is aimed at making the area a better place for the residents and as such the project will look to involve residents as much as possible.

One of the main activities of the Streets for People scheme is the introduction of a local area Travel Plan which will have the aims of promoting walking, cycling, public transport and car clubs as alternatives to private car ownership. To begin this process, residents will be encouraged to complete a travel survey so that data can be collected on current travel patterns and needs. This survey will be undertaken by post, and residents should expect to receive this within the first weeks of November 2007. These questionnaires will be supplied with a FREEPOST return envelope. There will also be a prize draw for completed questionnaires with prizes of car club membership and driving credit donated by Zipcar. For more information about car clubs and Zipcar please see the following websites: and

Alongside the survey, we are also interested in gaining residents’ opinions on ideas and proposals and wish to invite residents to become involved in two particular aspects of the overall scheme; ‘green transport’ and ‘urban design’. There will be a number of meetings where groups of residents can discuss these issues in relation to the plans for the BEST area. These events will be publicised locally, however if you are interested in finding out more details or joining one of these groups then please contact Sarah Clifford (0208 240 4461, or Sam Roberts (01543 416 416,


The deadline for the Streets for People survey has now been extended until the 7th of December to allow more residents to complete and return their questionnaires. If you have received the questionnaire form but not yet completed and returned it, I kindly ask that you do so. If you have misplaced the questionnaire, they are now available to download from this website. There are 2 versions available to download; click here for the PDF version which is for you to print out, complete and return by post, or click here for the Microsoft Word version which is for downloading and completing electronically, before returning via email. If you have any questions, please contact Sam Roberts, 01543 416 416 or email

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 21 November 2007 )

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