Save Charteris Sports Centre

Charteris Sports Centre is facing closure as part of the Government spending cuts.
Join the campaign tobkeep it open bybattending the BEST AGM on Tuesday, January 18
More details in the latest edition of the newsletter here:

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2 Responses to Save Charteris Sports Centre

  1. Hilary Curtis says:

    Closing Charteris would be a terrible loss to the neighbourhood. I hope everyone supports BESt’s campaign to keep it open.

    • Vanessa Wozniak says:

      I hope you don’t mind me contacting you… I am very concerned about the Charteris Road gym closure. In brief, we ( a young couple) bought our first house last year, which is on Victoria Road. Our garden backs onto the back wall of the gym ( which I use regularly and which provides invaluable respite from strains of the daily grind!) If the gym closes, and the land is sold to developers, essentially we may, literally, ‘face’ having our back garden looking on to a block of flats which will totally devalue our property… I’m really angry about this and dread to think what the repercussions may be of having the site demolished ( essentially we’ll have a building site in our back garden) Not to mention the great loss of a great community gym, of course. Is there any way I can get involved to stop this going through or, at least, find out what plans the council has in terms of development of the site? It’s also a case of whether we should sell up! Fast!

      Warm regards


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