Landlord Licensing Consultation : give 2 minutes of your time here

Landlord licensing targets poor conditions and anti-social behaviourLandlords of up to 10,000 private homes in Brent would have to apply for licences under proposals to stamp out issues such as poor conditions, overcrowding and anti-social behaviour by tenants.

Brent Council wants to become the first council in north London to launch a full-scale licensing scheme for private sector landlords.

The aim is to raise standards for the minority of tenants who struggle to get repairs done, live in poor conditions or suffer overcrowding. If the proposals are approved, they would also help neighbours concerned about fly-tipping and noise from some privately-rented homes.

Brent has just launched the consultation on extending its existing, limited licensing scheme, which only covers large houses in multiple occupation.

It is proposing that all private landlords of smaller houses in multiple occupation in the borough would need a licence along with the landlords of all privately-rented homes in three wards – Harlesden, Willesden Green and Wembley Central.

Licence fees for landlords would be reasonable and the council would also be offering them discounts and incentives although there will be penalties for breaches of licence conditions.

Cllr Margaret McLennan, Brent Council’s Lead Member for Housing, said: “If you are a tenant, landlord, live or run a business near a rented property, help us raise standards for privately-rented homes and flats by having a say.

“We believe that everyone will benefit from our proposals. Local people will have better homes, neighbours will be reassured and it will be good for landlords’ business.

“Our proposals are aimed at the minority of private landlords who give their tenants a raw deal and also at stamping out anti-social behaviour by tenants.”

Consultation runs until early March. Landlords, tenants, businesses and other residents can take part at

or by emailing

Newham has already introduced a private landlord licensing scheme and other councils are considering them.

At the moment, only landlords of properties which are three-storey or more and with five or more tenants need a licence.

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