Willesden Lane Improvement Project

Message from our BRAT neighbours:

Dear All,

I hope this finds you well and enjoying summer.

Following the last Willesden Lane Improvement Project Steering Group meeting on June 10th, please find attached a summary of what was discussed along with a link to Anna Dennemann’s PowerPoint presentation via the BRAT website.

A few notable and positive changes have begun to take shape since the group met, some in no relation whatsoever to our efforts but wonderful to see nonetheless. First, the roads have been repaved, making Willesden Lane a much safer place for cyclists and vehicles. Next, as you will have been made aware by post and possibly email, time-banded waste collections are coming into effect on Willesden Lane from August onwards, which we hope will go a long way towards solving the rubbish problem on the street. Finally, a handful of the apartment blocks are being re-pointed, with four of the shop fronts being restored and prepared for new retailers. It seems to me that there is a new energy along the Lane to match the Steering Group’s efforts and I’m hopeful that combined, both will help us achieve our goals.

You will also likely have received by post or email the design proposals that Brent Council are consulting on for Willesden Lane. As you will be aware this follows much of the work done by the Willesden Lane Improvement Plan Steering Group (and on its behalf by Anna Dennemann) to improve the public realm in Willesden Lane. They are attached here for reference.

These proposals fall short of what Anna was seeking to achieve but we feel nonetheless that they represent a considerable improvement over the current position. You will have been invited to share your comments by post or online (www.brent.gov.uk/consultation, using reference HD207GB) by Monday, August 11th. David Evans, Chair of BRAT, intends to prepare a letter of response on behalf of BRAT by the consultation deadline broadly welcoming the suggested changes except those proposed to the vehicle parking outside Torbay Mansions, which in his view would be an eye sore and create unnecessary dangers. It might also have the effect of increasing vehicle speed at a place where it should be slowed given that it is on a corner. If you have not already shared your own views with Brent and would like to do so, please let David have your comments by Thursday, August 7th so that he can complete a submission – dce@geoffreysearle.com.

In terms of next steps for the Improvement Project, we will be submitting an application for a second round of Ward Working funding which, if awarded, will go towards creating a vision brochure, complete with design proposals, that can be used to solicit further funding. We don’t feel as though we are too far away from this stage and will no doubt be seeking your thoughts and comments as we move through this process.


HD207 Willesden Lane (Consultation Design Plan) Final

Consultation Brent Council

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