Help us plan Brent’s future

The Brent Borough Plan 2015/19 Consultation

Brent residents are being asked for their views on how local public services should evolve and what they can do to improve the borough given the continuing squeeze on budgets.

The borough plan consultation opens today (September 16) and invites residents to help shape the future of the borough in the context of significantly reduced budgets for local public services.

Over the next four years services in Brent face the most challenging financial cuts ever. Despite the difficult financial position, we have big ambitions for Brent – we want to make sure that all residents have the opportunity to use their full potential, to enjoy the best that Brent has to offer and to contribute actively to our community. So we want to work with you to find the best way of building for the future and providing great services when we have less money and greater demands.

For more information on how you can help plan Brent’s future, please visit

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The Blues Brothers @ CSC

Charteris Outdoor Cinema is proud to present an outdoor screening of the classic film, The Blues Brothers.

Where : Charteris Sports Centre (24-30 Charteris RD NW6 7ET) 
When : Friday 19th September at 7:30 PM with film starting at 8:00 PM.
Bring food, drink and warm coat if evening is chilly. 
Pork pie hat and sunglasses optional.
No charge, but donations welcome. 
Any surplus to Kensal to Kilburn Transition Town and Brent Eleven Streets Residents Association 
*if raining we relocate to the Hall
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The Blues Brothers @ Charteris SC

popcorn                                                                        blues-bros-faces

Bring your drinks, food, popcorn, blankets, ….

Free screening on Friday 19th September, 7:30pm, outside if the weather allows us, inside if it’s wet.

Chairs provided, start at 8:00pm!

Come join us!

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Willesden Lane Improvement Project

Message from our BRAT neighbours:

Dear All,

I hope this finds you well and enjoying summer.

Following the last Willesden Lane Improvement Project Steering Group meeting on June 10th, please find attached a summary of what was discussed along with a link to Anna Dennemann’s PowerPoint presentation via the BRAT website.

A few notable and positive changes have begun to take shape since the group met, some in no relation whatsoever to our efforts but wonderful to see nonetheless. First, the roads have been repaved, making Willesden Lane a much safer place for cyclists and vehicles. Next, as you will have been made aware by post and possibly email, time-banded waste collections are coming into effect on Willesden Lane from August onwards, which we hope will go a long way towards solving the rubbish problem on the street. Finally, a handful of the apartment blocks are being re-pointed, with four of the shop fronts being restored and prepared for new retailers. It seems to me that there is a new energy along the Lane to match the Steering Group’s efforts and I’m hopeful that combined, both will help us achieve our goals.

You will also likely have received by post or email the design proposals that Brent Council are consulting on for Willesden Lane. As you will be aware this follows much of the work done by the Willesden Lane Improvement Plan Steering Group (and on its behalf by Anna Dennemann) to improve the public realm in Willesden Lane. They are attached here for reference.

These proposals fall short of what Anna was seeking to achieve but we feel nonetheless that they represent a considerable improvement over the current position. You will have been invited to share your comments by post or online (, using reference HD207GB) by Monday, August 11th. David Evans, Chair of BRAT, intends to prepare a letter of response on behalf of BRAT by the consultation deadline broadly welcoming the suggested changes except those proposed to the vehicle parking outside Torbay Mansions, which in his view would be an eye sore and create unnecessary dangers. It might also have the effect of increasing vehicle speed at a place where it should be slowed given that it is on a corner. If you have not already shared your own views with Brent and would like to do so, please let David have your comments by Thursday, August 7th so that he can complete a submission –

In terms of next steps for the Improvement Project, we will be submitting an application for a second round of Ward Working funding which, if awarded, will go towards creating a vision brochure, complete with design proposals, that can be used to solicit further funding. We don’t feel as though we are too far away from this stage and will no doubt be seeking your thoughts and comments as we move through this process.


HD207 Willesden Lane (Consultation Design Plan) Final

Consultation Brent Council

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City Slots at 89 Kilburn High Rd.

URGENT and IMPORTANT message from Councillor Mary Arnold:

Dear All
You may remember that although Paddy Powers did not get the ‘change of use’ permission at 97 Kilburn High Rd, City Slots sneaked into 89 nearby a while ago.
Their application was refused by planning dept but they won approval on appeal – to open up to 11pm.
24 hour operating was applied but refused and  limited to 9 am – 11pm.
I received a letter telling me City Slots is  appealing against this restriction and how to write to Planning Inspectorate to object. It has to be there by May 27th.
City Slots is advertising 24 hour opening in their window right now. They have a huge number of Fixed Odds machines in a shopping area where shops mainly close around 6pm –  quite out of character in this stretch of the High Rd, near Kilburn Sq.
If you agree we should limit the gambling outlets and prevent 24/7 on the High Road, please send your objections to the Planning Inspectorate (not the council) as per the attached letter and PLEASE PASS THIS ON.
If necessary we can provide a standard letter but individual letters hitting the points always go down best.
Best wishes and thanks
Mary Arnold
Please make sure that any comments you have are sent in writing to the Planning Inspectorate no later than
27 May, 2014. These must be sent to the following address, quoting the reference number : App/T5150/C/14/2216573 & A/14/2216158.
Chris Martyn
The Planning Inspectorate
Eagle Wing, Room 3/26a
Temple Quay House
2 The Square, Temple Quay
Bristol, BS1 6PN


Letter available here:
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Ban spitting in the street in Kilburn

Spitting is a filthy disgusting habit and there is no excuse for spitting in the street. Not only is it stomach churning to witness, it also poses a public health risk as a very efficient way to transmit infectious diseases such as Tuberculosis. Kilburn Residents and Visitors should be able to enjoy public spaces without having to tolerate this kind of anti-social behaviour.

This ePetition will be delivered to the London Boroughs of Brent & Camden and will ask that a ban on spitting is implemented. We need to demonstrate public support for this and so need people to sign. Please use the following link to show your support.

Sign & share here : ePetition



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Victorious campaigners prevent an 11th gambling den from opening in Kilburn High Road

Victorious campaigners prevent an 11th gambling den from opening in Kilburn High Road

Brent & Kilburn Times says:


Campaigners have won a battle to stop an 11th betting shop from opening in Kilburn High Road, after Brent Council rejected the planning application.

Betting shop chain Paddy Power sought permission to open a second branch in the street, sparking anger from residents and traders.

The High Road, which is split between Brent and Camden Council, has become a magnet for gambling chains in the last few years with bookmakers William Hill boasting three branches and Ladbrokes two. Opponents had claimed the number of bookies attracted anti-social behaviour and was driving away shoppers.


Cristina Avery, a Kilburn resident who spearheaded the campaign, said she was delighted with the news.

“It is exciting that people can be heard and actually make a difference. It shows that if you strongly believe in something, don’t just sit back; voice your concerns,” she said.

“We will like to thank the Times for the publicity and ensuring that our concerns are heard.”

More than 40 people lodged their objections on the planning application on the council’s website.

Giving the reasons for turning down the application, the council said there was a greater need to preserve retail units in an area saturated with “non-retail units”.

The council’s report added: “[It] would fail to enhance the range of services that is already provided, causing harm to the vitality of Kilburn Town Centre and lessening the attractiveness of its retail offer to shoppers, resulting in the loss of a retail unit in a prime location.”

Cllr Mary Arnold, Labour councillor for Kilburn, who has lobbied the council against the growth of bookmakers, said the council decision was “absolutely necessary” to preserve the quality of the High Road.

She said: “People feel that there are far too many betting shops and certainly do not want another one. Everyone wants to improve the High Road and this means both increasing footfall and the quality of primary shopping frontage, especially retail. This decision shows there is a real strength in community action.”

Cllr Mike Katz, Labour councillor for the Kilburn ward in Camden, said action must be taken to prevent high streets from turning into one long stretch of bookies and payday lenders.

He said: “It feels like they are preying on people who are up against it when people really want to see a wider spread of shops.”

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Landlord Licensing Consultation

Because I personally feel like the previous post is a bit… confusing, I wanted you to be able to check on something.

Have a look and when you’re done, please, get back to the previous one.

Play the video

Thanks to


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Landlord Licensing Consultation : give 2 minutes of your time here

Landlord licensing targets poor conditions and anti-social behaviourLandlords of up to 10,000 private homes in Brent would have to apply for licences under proposals to stamp out issues such as poor conditions, overcrowding and anti-social behaviour by tenants.

Brent Council wants to become the first council in north London to launch a full-scale licensing scheme for private sector landlords.

The aim is to raise standards for the minority of tenants who struggle to get repairs done, live in poor conditions or suffer overcrowding. If the proposals are approved, they would also help neighbours concerned about fly-tipping and noise from some privately-rented homes.

Brent has just launched the consultation on extending its existing, limited licensing scheme, which only covers large houses in multiple occupation.

It is proposing that all private landlords of smaller houses in multiple occupation in the borough would need a licence along with the landlords of all privately-rented homes in three wards – Harlesden, Willesden Green and Wembley Central.

Licence fees for landlords would be reasonable and the council would also be offering them discounts and incentives although there will be penalties for breaches of licence conditions.

Cllr Margaret McLennan, Brent Council’s Lead Member for Housing, said: “If you are a tenant, landlord, live or run a business near a rented property, help us raise standards for privately-rented homes and flats by having a say.

“We believe that everyone will benefit from our proposals. Local people will have better homes, neighbours will be reassured and it will be good for landlords’ business.

“Our proposals are aimed at the minority of private landlords who give their tenants a raw deal and also at stamping out anti-social behaviour by tenants.”

Consultation runs until early March. Landlords, tenants, businesses and other residents can take part at

or by emailing

Newham has already introduced a private landlord licensing scheme and other councils are considering them.

At the moment, only landlords of properties which are three-storey or more and with five or more tenants need a licence.

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Kilburn’s Financial Health Care

Leaflet #1  Leaflet #2

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